Re: Cantarell? (Was: Re: Planned GNOME Shell UI changes (was Re: String and UI Change Announcement))

On 12/01/11 10:52 AM, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
According to my fast check (which may be wrong) it seems that it does
not cover still used Greek alphabet (tech people aside it is still used
in greek language). It does not cover Cyrilic (used among others in
Russian) and Chinese and Hindi (I copy the names of national anthem from
wikipedia) as well. That alone would make early 40% of world's
population according to Wikipedia (sure - probably most Hindi users are
bilingual but they would still want to see their documents' titles -
fonts are even more important then translation)[1].


That in itself is not a very big problem. If Cyrillic characters from DejaVu are put into a titlebar file name by fontconfig, they won't look terribly out of place.

The problem is if characters that really need to blend well do not, say if you had the word "Journée", and the "é" was pulled from DejaVu.


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