Re: GNOME community survey

On Friday 07 January 2011 13:57:42 Germán Póo-Caamaño wrote:
> FYI,
> A group of researchers leaded by Jim Herbsleb got in contact with GNOME
> Foundation some months ago in order to research how communities works,
> how a volunteer become an active contributor, among others.
> In the following days, developers (committers) will receive and
> invitation to complete a survey that would not take more than 20 minutes
> (or even less). However, the participation in the study is completely
> voluntary.
> It worth to mention that the results will be shared with the community,
> and we will insist on that.
> At last but not least, the original plan included a joint survey to help
> set the Foundation goals, which will not be the case. However, we are
> looking forward to receive help from this team of researchers in the
> near future.

Since people from "Others" section also got the invitation (like me), I 
wonder, whether the results of the questions regarding making GNOME better and 
the effort taken into GNOME may become a bit inapropriate, as those aren't 
actually doing that (their software is not shipped with GNOME).

Or does GNOME in  this case mean GNOME + software meant for GNOME-using 
people? Just wondering.


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