Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

>> I cannot believe I am reading this on GNOME central mail list!
> [ snip ]
> I cannot believe this topic keeps coming up again and again :-(
> "Linux is not about choice":

Guys, I can't believe I'm readeing this again. If linux/OSS wasn't
about choice, you wouldn't be here at a first place. I, as a user who
never used necrosoft/novelll from my very long 20 years of computer
experience just like to tell you. That the freedom of movement between
all of opensource OS'es was the crucial factor that it was:

Chosen for use in enterprise environment, where you your data worth
money and you would like to preserve it between OS migration
Chosen for use in global scale research projects, simply because no
commercial solution would ever provide that level of standartisation
that OSS have
Chosen as a base level for most of advanced embedded electronics, for
a simple fact that it has standards and no competing product is
anything more that code blobs without documentation

Now, tell me what you and Mr. Olav are trying to infer with this discussion?

And lets come back to constructive discussion.

If you suggest to deprecate old gnome 2 experience, you should provide
something compatible, similiar or better. And what you have:
Shell is not better, it's a clearly a degradation of user experience.
It was targeted on downsized desktops, but doesn't fit here and we are
simply left running desktop sized panel with scaled proportionately
giantic icons.
Shell simply doesn't have similiar user experience. At current stage
it's nothing more than set of launcher icons on fixed panel that can't
be even moved around. Imagine what a pain whould it be to work wiht it
on 21:9 screen or xinerama? Besides this it simply doesn't work in
xinerama configuration yet (Mutter hangs).
Shell is simply not working as advertised yet (black windows bug, slow)
Shell development is driven by a closed club of developers that has
incepted the idea without taking anybodys opinion into consideration.
It's clearly lacks ergonomics, design is poor, doesn't comfort user at all.

Please fix it, and then come with your idea after it.

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