Re: Other window managers with GNOME-Shell [Was: My thoughts on fallback mode]

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 12:13 AM, Havoc Pennington <hp pobox com> wrote:
> "other window managers with gnome-shell" doesn't even make sense
> technically. the WM is entangled with the shell, which is the whole
> point, because it lets you do more complex things and have smooth
> graphics.

I know that. The discussion that was talking place was about the fact
that users cannot use other window managers than mutter and
gnome-shell at the same time because of the way gnome-shell is
implemented. I was merely putting the existing discussion on another
thread :)

> what you could have instead could be:
> * have a well-defined interface to replace the entire shell, sort of
> "EWMH plus more stuff." of course this is harder than writing a
> regular WM since now you have the equivalent of the panel and the
> compositor in there too. The "fallback mode" with gnome-panel and
> metacity is essentially this. btw this is kind of back-to-the-future;
> WMs such as WindowMaker and fvwm2 had their own "panel" etc. i.e. a
> window manager used to be a whole desktop shell, as gnome-shell is,
> instead of purely the window decorations.
> * allow extensions to the shell that change how the window management works
> Havoc

Sam Spilsbury

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