GNOME 3.0 Blocker Report for week 08

Data taken from Bugzilla (bug reports with GNOME Target field set):

Total number: 83 bugs (81 last week).

atk: atk is missing annotations needed for gobject-introspection

cheese: GTK 3 porting

cheese: Make cheese widget work again

cheese: Cheese requires clutter-gtk-0.10 but latest is 1.0

cheese: Cheese is not able to do live theora encoding on low power processors

dconf: dconf-editor crashes when opening subtree if accessibility is enabled

empathy: Empathy from git fails to build in jhbuild

empathy: Don't use a status icon if the notification server supports persistence

empathy: new app icon for empathy

empathy: gnome-shell has a different away/available/busy toggle from empathy

eog: ""Open Background Preferences"" does not work

epiphany: gtk_button_pressed and gtk_button_released are deprecated

epiphany: Revamp download management UI

epiphany-extensions: auto-scroller: needs porting from deprecated GdkPixmap use

evince: remove NoDisplay=true

Evolution: don't use a status icon in calendar publishing plugin

Evolution: Don't use a status icon in evolution-alarm-notify

gedit: Signals from gedit.Window are in wrong order

gnome-applets: Port applets to libpanel-applet3

gnome-control-center: very slow to open

gnome-control-center: Allow choosing the on-screen keyboard

gnome-control-center: datetime: Missing artwork

gnome-control-center: universal access: some issues

gnome-control-center: Key repeat rate and delay fail to honor accessibility requirements

gnome-control-center: shell resizing issue

gnome-control-center: add and remove printers

gnome-control-center: (Re-)Add checkbox for disable touchpad

gnome-control-center: shell window placement issue

gnome-disk-utility: [patch] port from unique to GApplication

gnome-icon-theme: Some icons missing in larger sizes (256x256)

gnome-icon-theme: some rtl variants needed

gnome-panel: Minimize differences between 3.0 panel and gnome-shell

gnome-panel: Port to GSettings

gnome-panel: seg fault when creating Applet via python

gnome-screensaver: [PATCH] Request shell exit overview when locking screen

gnome-screensaver: use same background as gdm

gnome-screensaver: top bar != shell top bar

gnome-screensaver: use accountsservice to get user information

gnome-session: gnome-session-is-accelerated too slow

gnome-session: avoid being locked into fallback by session saving

gnome-session: make sure gnome-shell exits last when shutting down

gnome-session: remove SM crap for 3.0

gnome-settings-daemon: Background should fade in

gnome-settings-daemon: keyboard: handle per-hostname num-lock state saving

gnome-shell: Chat scrollbar needs to move to the bottom when new messages are received

gnome-shell: Modal dialogue isn't modal anymore

gnome-shell: Calendar: UTC/localtime mixup

gnome-shell: font size setting is ignored

gnome-shell: Show Rhythmbox as a message tray source when it is running

gnome-shell: Doesn't suspend when in overview mode

gnome-shell: Experimental network manager applet

gnome-system-tools: [regression] build failure:  gst-tool.c:411: undefined reference to `gdk_spawn_command_line_on_screen'

gnome-themes-standard: We need hicontrast/lowcontrast/inverted and dark variants

gnome-themes-standard: Toolbar doesn't follow gtk 3 theme

gnome-user-share: Don't use a status icon if the notification server supports persistence

gtk+: No way to programmatically update visual state of a button

gtk+: [gnome-terminal] When using theme colors, white-on-white text

gtk+: [Tracker] Missing accessor functions

gtk+: tabs not displayed correctly when they fill the screen

gucharmap: Migrate to GSettings

libgnomekbd: layout indicator issues

libgnomekbd: keyboard layout preview window issues

libgtop: Add Introspection support

libgweather: libgweather 3.0 should be parallel installable with 2.0

metacity: Improve keybindings and descriptions

metacity: Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols

metacity: Does not compile with -DGSEAL_ENABLED

metacity: sync window decoration style with mutter

metacity: drop GtkObject use

metacity: Migrate to GSettings

metacity: Allow building with Gtk+-3.0

mutter: Alt+AboveTab doesn't work with more than 2 windows

mutter: a11y: visual alert only works per-window, not screen

nautilus: creating multiple directories corrupts the list view

orca: Make the gconf dependency optional

orca: Migrate to GSettings

pygobject: Handle functions that take string+len args

pygtk: Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols

totem: Set window icon for builtin cover art

totem: Make sure all builtin plugins are in the active-plugins list

totem: totem losing libvisual settings when embed

totem: Experiment with using darker theme

totem: Allow to seek past fill-level when download buffering

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