Re: UI Mockup for Gnome 3.XX "Share" section of System Settings

Le dimanche 06 février 2011 à 21:07 +0000, Allan Day a écrit :
> (Be warned though - if you ask for feedback on a design, you might
> well
> get critical responses. And you've taken on a very difficult design
> challenge here.)
> Best, 

if you think the UI in my mockup is to difficult, we can use the UI on
Gnome 2 with an "Advanced" button to show the UI in my mockup.

-------------                      -----------------
|           |                      |               |
|Simple mode| --Advanced button--> | My mockup     |
|           |                      |               | -------------

In the simple mode, you can only enable the sharing of the ~/Public
folder (like in Gnome 2.XX) and in Advanced mode, you have the UI that I

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