Re: - Public Alpha Now Available

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
> Em Thu, 2011-12-01 às 16:16 -0500, Jasper St. Pierre escreveu:
>> We're happy to announce that is now in
>> public alpha testing at:
> <snip>
>> Known Bugs and Problems
>> =======================
>> * There are some bugs that currently cause the browser plugin to
>>   not work correctly in WebKit-based browsers like Epiphany
>>   or Chrome. We will fix these bugs in subsequent releases of
>>   GNOME Shell, but for now using Firefox to access
>> is advised.
> The WebKitGTK+ hackers at the hackfest these days are not amused. They
> are thinking of declaring war on the Kingdom Of Extensions. Is it their
> fault? Do they need to send diplomats, or is a land war in Asia the only
> answer?

If any WebKit hacker wants to comment, there are two bugs:

1) We don't set the flag that says we want to use XEmbed. We're an
NPRuntime plugin that doesn't need to draw anything. With Firefox, we
get by alright. WebKit aborts because it thinks we want to use the Xt
mainloop. See the chromium bug[0] for information.
2) We don't obey the UTF8Length parameter of a string NPVariant and
just use the bytes as a NUL-terminated string blindly. On Firefox,
this is fine. On WebKit, there's extra junk after the string data, so
we need to switch to a g_strndup.



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