Re: Boxes and 3.4

However, I don't want too see Boxes as a solution, it's just a tool
that will allow you to use VMs and remote machines.
It could be a plus when we'll release a full GNOME OS, but when this
will occur IT professionists and tech enthusiast people will show more
interest in supported protocols (vnc, rdp, ...) and virtualization
infrastructure than in integrated appearence of a frontend.

BTW: planned protocols? The design page simply says "Connecting to a
work machine from home"

Out of curiosity, does Boxes have every machine as a task or is Boxes just one task?  For instance, I tend to connect to many machines, I switch between them using alt-tab.or the overview.  I get the impression that Boxes puts all the machines in one box and then you manage within that?

(as an aside, I would be interested in an integrated ssh solution if you're out to please sysadmin like myself)


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