Re: Students lightning talk, or how we got screwed

I am really sorry but here is the thing: I asked people to send me
their slides so I know how many people will present _and_ so I can
create the final presentation. People came to me literally 5 minutes
before the session was going to happen. I could neither magically
extend the session nor could I give the students that did send in
their slides early a lot less time than I promised them. (I promised
them 3 minutes and they only got 2:30 so we could accommodate more.) I
would have loved to give more people a chance to speak but it just
wasn't possible. I am sorry. This would have required that way more of
you had told me in advance and sent their slides.
And as Diego said there is another lightning talks session that you
can try to get into.


Lydia Pintscher
KDE Community Working Group member -

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