gnome-menus API changes


In the past few months, Colin reworked the gnome-menus API to bring
various improvements. The most visible part is that the menu entries are
now based on GDesktopAppInfo, and that we now have real introspection
support. You can see some of the discussion at

We're now merging this so that it will be part of 3.1.5. We're also
merging the appropriate patches to port gnome-control-center,
gnome-panel and gnome-shell.

If you build from source, this means you'll need to rebuild those four

Note that the new code is parallel-installable, so the old library can
still be used. It is needed for alacarte, at least (which needs to be
ported to pygi); I'm not aware of any other module that needs to be
ported, but if you're impacted, just ask and we can help.



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