Re: 3.2: gjs/seed

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 4:12 PM, Colin Walters <walters verbum org> wrote:
> There are, however, nontrivial issues.  First is that actually in good
> news on the gjs front, a standalone Spidermonkey release was just made
> recently, and I have a patch ready to use it in gjs:
> In contrast though, /usr/bin/seed appears to actually link to WebKit,
> which would be a painful dependency to have for gnome-shell, since
> it'd be insane to try using it inside the compositor process.  This
> may (hopefully) be fixable.

There's no particular reason for this, we just never got around to
untangle them. If there's increased interest in having them as
separate libraries we can have it as one of the goals for WebKitGTK+
1.6, which should be released in time for GNOME 3.2 (of course the
actual separation would likely happen a lot earlier in some 1.5.x



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