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On Mon, 2011-04-18 at 09:29 -0700, Travis Reitter wrote:
> As Frederic pointed out, we shouldn't be brainstorming on the 3.2
> feature pages, so I thought I'd fill in some details/thoughts on the
> Contacts [1] idea here.

Cool. Matthias put me down as Owner of that feature, because I will be
spending lots of work time on it to get something good for 3.2. 

However, I'm kind of a newbie in this area, so I'd like to start
reaching out to the involved parties and take a look at the technologies
involved and their status.

It seems like we have lots of interest and momentum from the
telepathy/folks/socialweb side. Do we also have interested parties from
the evolution side? I think having this deeply integrated with evolution
is as important as the IM/social side. Ideally we should be replacing
the evolution address book UI with this.

> * Folks has a nearly-ready read-only e-d-s backend [2]
>   * making this read-write should be straightforward, since we did that
>     with our Tracker backend

This sounds excellent. It seems to me that we should default for this to
be the main writable store, and avoid using the keyfile backend. Its our
primary local contact store anyway, so why not also use it to link to
other personas.

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