Re: Planning features for 3.2

(sorry for the unthreaded mail, I just registered to the ML)

I just added a couple of paragraphs in
about the accounts & SSO project we have developed in the context of

I'm sure that very few people know about this project, mostly because it
has been developed in some dark office in Nokia and, despite the code
being available in [0], no effort has been taken to
promote its visibility outside of Maemo/MeeGo.

The code itself is not bound to MeeGo in any special way, and should be
functional in any modern Linux desktop. Main technologies being used are
SQLite and D-Bus. The accounts subsystem is just a Glib-based library
(with a Qt wrapper also available), while the SSO subsystem consists of
a D-Bus service written in Qt, with Glib and Qt client libraries.

The development mailing list currently being use is meego-dev [1], and
the bugzilla is also hosted by the MeeGo project. But as I said, this in
only because the project was born in that context; if someone wishes to
offer a wider shelter for this project (Gnome,,
others?), he's very welcome to do so. :-)

Questions and comments are also very welcome, until some other user of
the ML gets annoyed by them. ;-)



-- <- geek in un lingua international!

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