Re: GNOME 3.0 Rescheduled for September 2011 Release

April 1st?

On 04/01/11 01:04, Vincent Untz wrote:
> GNOME Friends,
> The release team met this week at the Bangalore hackfest, and after much
> discussion, took the decision that it is in our best interest to delay
> 3.0 to September. We had a call with the Board to explain the
> motivations, and the Board fully supports this decision.
> This was obviously not an easy decision to take, but several factors
> lead to this delay:
>    - the number of freeze break requests
>    - some modules seeing merge of branches with more than 10000 lines of
>      changes
>    - the constant changes in the design
>    - a platform that is moving in new directions (with GTK+ 4 coming
>      soon, for example)
> To keep the focus on 3.0, we are not proposing to release GNOME 2.34
> next week. However, a new module proposals period will open for 3.0, and
> we are committed to carefully consider the forthcoming proposals,
> including alternate desktop shells.
> You can read the full press release about this:
> Thanks,
> Vincent

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