GTK+ modules loading changes


This will affect you if you install a GTK+ module.

The latest version of gnome-settings-daemon[1] will load GTK+ modules
using .desktop files in the
$(libdir)/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0/gtk-modules/ directory.

The desktop files are fairly simple:
[GTK Module]
Name=My module
Description=My super GTK module

This will make the GTK+ module be loaded by GTK+.

If you need the module to be conditionally loaded, you'd add those 2
lines to your .desktop file:

With your own schema and key there, as you would expect. Note that the
schema and key *must* be defined by gnome-settings-daemon or one of its
dependencies (such as gsettings-desktop-schemas), or shipped with your

Finally, if you require 2 modules to be loaded in a certain order,
you'll need to define the X-GTK-Module-Name as "module1:module2". This
is the case for the a11y modules.

I already added patches for at-spi[2], at-spi2-atk[3], and filed a bug
for gnome-packagekit[4]. If somebody wants to do that for libcanberra,
go for it.



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