While I wasn't looking, Cody Russell gained access to my laptop and
pushed the GApplication branch to glib master.  He admits to it, even:


Shortly afterward he redeemed himself (and fixed the GTK build) by
pushing the new GtkApplication code.

The upshot, though, is probably that quite some application that were
making use of the old GApplication have stopped working.

My recommendation is to check out this small example application that
I've included in Gtk:


The actions stuff is not implemented in the new GApplication yet, but it
will be coming soon (probably this week, since we're all at the hackfest
together).  I don't think anybody is currently heavily depending on that
for functionality at this point...

The docs could probably also use some love at this point.  I'll be on
that tomorrow, probably.

If you need any help with fixing your apps, please ping me on IRC or
ping someone else you know is at the hackfest and have them give me a

Sorry for the disruption.


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