libnotify, gtk changes

Hey, some 2.91.1 API change updates...

Jon did a libnotify 0.7 release, which brings a number of API changes
to make notifications work better in gnome-shell. Thankfully, Jon also
provided patches for everything in our modulesets that uses libnotify.
If your module uses notifications, chances are you have a patch
waiting in bugzilla. We'll need those patches in the 2.91.1 releases
tomorrow, so that we can ship 2.91.1 with the new libnotify.

The GTK+ releases that I've done yesterday also contain some API
changes that may affect you:

- Resize grips have moved from GtkStatusbar to GtkWindow, so if you've
used gtk_statusbar_set_has_resize_grip(), you will have to update your

- GtkComboBoxEntry as a separate subclass is going away soon. It has
been replaced by a ::has-entry property on GtkComboBox.
GtkComboBoxEntry is still around in deprecated form, but it would be
good to start replacing it in your code.

- The combo box text convenience api (gtk_combo_box_new_text etc) is
being replaced by a GtkComboBoxText subclass. Again, just deprecations
for now, but a good idea to start moving to the new APIs


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