Re: GSettings best practice

Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 10:57 -0500, Ryan Lortie a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> We were sitting around at the Boston summit today (me, vuntz, tedg, and
> pbor via IRC) noticing that we have a mix of people using /apps/gedit/
> sort of paths and /org/gnome/evince/ sort of paths in GSettings.
> We all prefer /org/gnome/evince/ type of paths.
Hmpf, you should have spoken up earlier! ;-)

This was very quickly discussed with on the list, and nobody answered
then except Matthias:

I was in favor of the org/gnome/something approach, but what would then
happen to /desktop/ keys, which (as Matthias said in his reply) would be
better kept separate? And what about the migration now that both schemes
are in use?


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