Re: desktop hook for theme changes

On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 22:34 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:
> hi,
> people (including me) where wondering about the duplicated png files in each
> gtk-doc manual. I believe this was historically done to avoid the gtk-doc
> dependency for users (which I don't think is a problem nowadays - the package is
> small).
> Anyway I was wondering, if those 4 black icons could instead be symlinks to the
> theme icons. This would safe a bit of space and would align the look more with
> the theme. One could even patch the colors in the css.

What are the images? Are they for the admonitions, like note,
tip, warning, etc? Perhaps the installed HTML files could just
reference those same images provided by gnome-doc-utils/yelp-xsl.
Everybody will have that installed anyway.

> The only think needed would be a hook to update those symlinks when the theme
> changes. Do we have anything like this in the platform?

We should have a good chat about how we can better share code.
Yelp does all this theme-tracking stuff for icons and colors
already, but only for Docbook and Mallard, where it generates
the HTML. We could solve each others' problems if we worked
together more.

Shaun McCance

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