Re: Module Proposal: GNOME Activity Journal

We want to add Zeitgeist features to all over GNOME, especially now
that libzeitgeist has appeared, however that has little to do with the
Journal which is a centralized activity browser. That is to say adding
a Most Used feature in Nautilus or a Recently Opened With feature in
shell would use zeitgeist not the Activity Journal the same way the
Recently Used menu item does not use directly use Nautilus. I imagine
if shell implemented a zeitgeist side pane it would have a "More.."
button which would launch Journal for a more detailed view of that
days activities. So I expect that users will use the activity journal
almost as much as they use the file browser currently. Another goal of
mine is hamster(timetracker) integration and adding a tracker tag
cloud to widget to the more information pane that is in our trunk.

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