Last call for comments on module proposals

The GNOME release-team will soon decide about module inclusions for
GNOME 3.0 based on the community input from this mailing list.

If you have not commented yet, if there is anything to add, if you have
questions: Please comment now on the corresponding thread for the module
(for a specific module please avoid answering this generic email).

To the maintainers who have proposed a module or a new dependency:
If there have been changes/improvements/fixes compared to when this
module was proposed: Mention them.
Also see the module proposal guidelines[1] again.

According to the Release Suites wiki subpages[2] the following modules
have been proposed:

* Platform:
  * gobject-introspection
* Desktop:
  * caribou
  * clutter-core
  * deja-dup
  * gjs
  * Gnome Activity Journal
  * gnome-color-manager
  * gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
  * gnome-shell
  * mousetrap
  * mutter
  * pdfmod
  * Rygel
  * simple-scan
  * zeitgeist
* External dependencies:
  * json-glib 
  * libappindicator 
  * libsane 
  * opentts 
  * telepathy-logger 
  * udev


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