GSettings hackfest


We're working on organizing a GSettings (and dconf) hackfest in April:
It would be in Cambridge (MA, USA).

As written on the wiki page, the goals are:

 + make sure gsettings and dconf are rock-solid
 + land the missing bits in glib
 + define a migration plan from gconf
 + port a few applications (evolution, gnome-panel, nautilus?) to

I think having this hackfest occur early in the next development cycle
will help make sure that we can rely on GSettings and dconf, which is

If you think it's completely wrong or if you'd like attendees to work on
additional goals, please tell us :-)

Also, if you're interested in joining the hackfest, please talk to Ryan
and/or me!



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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