Re: GSettings migration status

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 4:43 PM, Ryan Lortie <desrt desrt ca> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I recently edited the TwoPointThirtyone wiki page, removing these
> no-longer-true items from the "high risk" section:
>  * GSettings/dconf: [[|
>   GVariant]] and GSettings merge completely '''blocks''' porting apps
>   from gconf to [[|
>   GSettings/dconf]].
>  * GSettings/dconf: User settings migration from gconf to
>   GSettings/dconf unclear
>  * GSettings/dconf: Missing gconf to
>   [[|
>   GSettings/dconf]] porting documentation for module maintainers
> GVariant is merged.  GSettings is merged.  dconf is making regular
> unstable-series releases along-side glib unstable releases (usually at
> almost exactly the same time).
> User settings migration is handled by the gsettings-data-convert(1) tool
> included in GConf.
> All that (and more) is documented in the GConf-to-GSettings migration
> documentation here:

AFAIK we are still missing the global settings schemas for things like
proxy support. There was some talk about it on gnomecc-list in May,
but I haven't seen anything since then...
Also may I have one question? Do GSettings support
internationalisation of the schema files like gconf did? There
certainly are no intltool or m4 macros for that.

Łukasz [DeeJay1] Jernaś

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