Re: gnome-color-manager now requires lcms2

Richard Hughes wrote:

> I've just switched gnome-color-manager in git master to require lcms2.
> The author of lcms has switched development efforts to lcms2, and now
> lcms1 won't get any new features or anything other than security bug
> fixes. lcms2 is however parallel installable with lcms, so that makes
> it easier on projects that already depend on lcms to migrate at a good
> point.
> lcms2 is quite a lot faster in my benchmarks, and does allow us to do
> some cool things, namely manual calibration without a specrophotometer
> (like OSX). Expect funky screenshots in the near future.
> I hope this is okay, and should also give the few remaining distros
> (cough, debian, cough) a push to finally package lcms2.

I realize now there has been no formal request to have lcms as an
approved external dependency, probably because by the time it was
requested I had a look and liblcms looked old, stable, and available
in all distributions.

Looks like this is not the case :/ So I'd like you to add liblcms to and an
entry in jhbuild moduleset; thanks!


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