Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Am 02.06.2010 02:37, schrieb Lucas Rocha:
> Hi all,
> The release team would like to propose some important changes in the way we
> organize our modulesets. GNOME releases are currently organized into the
> following modulesets: Desktop, Platform, Bindings, Mobile, Admin, and Dev
> Tools. This model has served us well and has actually evolved through time - we
> didn't have the Admin and Dev Tools modulesets initially. However, we feel that
> this organization is reaching its limits, and we have explored several
> potential changes.
> In summary, this means that the GNOME releases would be composed by the
> following modulesets:
>  - Desktop
>  - Platform
>  - Extended Platform
>  - Mobile

A bit late reply from my side ..

I find the Mobile module set a bit out of place. In this regard I like the MeeGo
approach [1]. Like having a common foundation, but separate User Experiences
(UX) on top of it.
This way we could have:

Desktop | Netbook | Mobile | ...
Platform | Extended Platform

The application module would be what has been suggested by some people in the



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