Adding telepathy-glib to Extended Platform [Was: Modulesets Reorganization]

Le mercredi 02 juin 2010 à 00:37 +0100, Lucas Rocha a écrit :
> 3. Create a moduleset to hold our highly recommended libraries such GStreamer,
> e-d-s, and others. This moduleset will be called Extended Platform.

This is very good news!

What's the procedure to propose module to this new moduleset?

We'd like to propose telepathy-glib which, I think, could be a good

- Currently used by Empathy, Vino and Vinagre.

- We are currently working on adding gobject-introspection to high level
clients API. Projects such as Zeitgeist and gnome-shell plan to use it.

- tp-glib is API and ABI stable: 0.odd.x has the same API guarantees as

- All the API is documented:

- 0.odd.x are development releases and we make stable release in time
for GNOME stable releases. For example, Empathy 2.31.x depends on
telepathy-glib 0.11.x and Empathy 2.32.0 will depends on telepathy-glib

Let us know what you think.


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