Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Sorry for replying out of thread - i've been following the discussion from web.
As one of the apps (project hamster) that prolly will fall out of the
category, wanted to share my sentiment.

Project hamster being part of GNOME means many things to me and there
are many benefits:
* promotion - distros are recommended to include your application in default set
* i18n - there is no way hamster would have gotten the localizers in
such a rapid pace as right after being included in gnome
* quality - i was not the sole person looking to match gnome's quality
expectations any more.
* release cycle - we sure can just follow the gnome schedule instead
of being required to do it - but it's like following aerobics on TV
opposed to being in the gym. There is difference and there is the
silliness that you might be just mimicking the actions without anybody
really caring about it.
* credibility as a dev - i believe that it gives you certain
credibility that you might know what you are doing if your patches are
constantly accepted in an application that is official part of gnome

My question is - which parts will we be losing by this move?
Can't be none - because then nothing's really changing, now, is it?


On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 10:08 AM, Patryk Zawadzki <patrys pld-linux org> wrote:
>> The long term plan for the GNOME applications that were removed from the
>> Desktop, Admin and Dev Tools modulesets is to simply highlight the high-quality
>> applications using the GNOME platform through our communication channels
>> (release notes, website, etc). There will be no "official" apps anymore and no
>> 'Applications' moduleset in the GNOME releases. The goal here is be more open
>> with the app developer community around GNOME and to highlight all the nice
>> things that can be created using our platform.
> And this might do the exact opposite of what we all want it to do.
> Instead of sending a "you are now all equal" message it might
> communicate that "you are now equally not worthy". Or just "you are
> now on the same level" even if the level of integration and sheer
> polish is nowhere to be compared.
> It will also kill the "magic moment" I experienced twice - once when I
> helped Daniel with Cheese and a second time when hacking on Hasmter
> with Toms. The moment that comes after weeks of mad hacking when you
> decide your work is finally good enough to become part of GNOME.

Forgot to mention: not having a single release schedule will also make
it very hard for app authors to propose, track and depend on features
of the underlying platform or - even worse - features introduced in
other apps.

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