Re: libxklavier: version bump to 5.0

> It would be very appreciated if you could introduce as many as possible
> of the changes in libxklavier in an ABI-compatible way. This library is
> also used by KDE and Xfce, and every time this requires synchronised
> updates, or even porting, of a number of packages.
I am doing my best, but probably I still need to learn how to make
rock-stable ABIs. Since the requirements to applications (g-s-d in
that case) change, I have to cater for new use cases... I realize that
breaking interfaces is a bad habit, so I am doing that only when I
have to.

At least I am trying to be disciplined with sonames, so if package
name includes major number (like they do in ubuntu, libxklavier15),
user can have 2 versions in one system (if it is not a case, please
tell me and we'll try to sort that out).



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