Reminder : do NOT hardcode deprecation flags in tarball

Hi everyone,

just a quick reminder about deprecation flags and tarball release :
please avoid at all cost to hardcode deprecation flags in compilation flags, when a module is built from a tarball (it is ok to have such flags when building from gi checkout).

Why, you may ask ?

Well, I'm currently strugling with smoketesting GNOME 2.29.5 release and there are some tarballs no longer building because new G_SEAL deprecation were added in yesterday GTK+ 2.19.3 release and some modules were not fixed for this.

Current guilty modules :
- vte (bedhad is cooking a new release)
- gnome-utils

In a similar idea, try to avoid releasing tarballs which depends on other unreleased tarball module version.

Thanks you for your attention.

Frederic Crozat

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