Fwd: Linux Express Desktop *LED*

as LED seems to be based on GNOME, I forward the mail here.
Maybe it is possible to regard LED as a THEME for Gnome, so that Gnome
can integrate it or adjust itself more to the given layout of Linux
Express Desktop of ylmp.org

btw. is someone working on the online desktop? dooble.sf.net has a
desktop integrated in the browser, maybe it is of interest to add the
online desktop in a browser tab? If someone can discuss and send info
about that, please contact directly.

Thanks for a feedback, if someone starts to realize this LED Theme or
3. Desktop Layout.

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From: Max <petersonmaxx googlemail com>
Date: 2010/1/9
Subject: Linux Express Desktop *LED*
To: dooble-team <Dooble-team lists sourceforge net>, Ubuntu Developers
<ubuntu-devel lists ubuntu com>
Cc: Jonathan Riddell <riddell gmail com>, Michał Zając <michal zajac gmail com>

there is a new Linux XP desktop available for Ubuntu,
The website is here http://ylmf.org/

You can download the ISO and run the Live Desktop.
Here you find in the Menu the option to Install, not from the CD, but
in the Desktop you can choose to install it in English.

Install it in english as a parallel system
After the installation, please go to language settings> System, Admin,
Lanuage Support
and Remove the Chinese Language.

Voila, you have the english version of the linux XP.
Screenshot> http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/7716/screenshotlx.png

It seems to be an 64 bit operating system, as the web browser dooble
is not installable, which might be a deb. of 32 bit ?

I want to suggest, that the unbuntu developers integrate that
@Express@ Desktop, called LED,  as well next to KDE and GNOME.
Would that be possible for the next release? If someone is interested
to do that, please send me a notice for a further idea to discuss.

Thanks Max

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