Re: application indicators

On 02/19/2010 08:23 AM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
Nathaniel McCallum wrote on 19/02/10 07:39:
I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about apps that may not fit
the AppInd model.

We have two basic goals here in replacing the notification area:

1.  Make interaction with panel items more consistent. Clean up the
     swamp where some items behave like buttons, some disappear when you
     click them, some open menus on left click, some open menus on right
     click, none of the items opening menus highlight like real menu
     titles do, etc. Achieving this is relatively easy: just make
     everything a menu.

2.  Reduce the number of panel items, period. Establish a culture where
     developers choose to add a panel item less often than they do now.
     Achieving this is harder, especially in the short term -- because if
     we succeed, some existing programs that have been in the panel won't
     be there any more. Some of those panel items might even have been
     pretty handy. But the overall goal is bigger than they are.

I agree this is an area of much needed clean-up, so I appreciate the
work. Unfortunately, I'm also the developer of Zapplet
( which I suspect doesn't
cleanly fit the AppInd model.  Zapplet provides notifications for
Zenoss (<>) events.  When
an event shows up in Zenoss, Zapplet displays a notification for this
server.  Clicking on the notification icon brings up a window near the
notification icon where someone can view all outstanding events and
modify them easily without having to go to a browser.  See the
attached photo for an example of the status icon.  See for
more screenshots.

You're right: this does not fit the everything-is-a-menu model. It looks
like a window that happens to be hanging off the panel. ;-)

Currently we generate a StatusIcon on the fly by rendering into a
pixbuf.  This icon contains the color of the highest event severity
and the number of events of this severity.  Using the AppInd model, we
would be required to generate roughly 5k icons just for this display
(5 status colors x numbers 0-999).

Even if Zapplet shouldn't be in the panel, there are other items (e.g.
keyboard layout) that need to use text in their titles. Perhaps that
should be added to the API.

We also have the problem of event storms (100s of events).  Rendering
events in a TreeView allows us to show lots of data in an easy,
scrollable way.  Using the AppInd model, we'd be required to have a
menu, which is entirely unwieldy for events as a whole.  This is true
for a number of reasons:
   1. Menus with 100s of rows (events) suck
   2. Events show a bunch of data (severity, count, hostname,
component, summary, first time, last time, etc).  I can't really fit
this crucial info in a single menu item.
   3. With a menu I can't perform actions on multiple events
simultaneously.  This is a critical feature.
   4. Menu's can't perform sorting (for instance if I wanted to sort
based on event time)

Yeah, that really would work better as a window than as a menu. We're
experimenting with adding simple controls to menus (for example, Ubuntu
Lucid's new sound menu has an embedded slider, and the "Me menu" has an
embedded text field), but we almost certainly wouldn't add something as
complex as a treeview.

So to summarize (to make sure I got this right):
1. Zapplet should be a window. I agree with this. This was largely a proof of concept and I decided a long time ago that the move to a window was the correct one (if for no other reason that the current design has problems on win32). 2. Zapplet should not be in the application tray. This one is tougher. How is the user to know that new events have arrived? A notification is inadequate since if the user misses the notification he/she has no indication that events are waiting for action. For critical events, this is an essential feature. If an AppInd is created, pop-ing up a menu just to open a window seems like a waste of clicks. Further, how can this be done in a cross platform (Win/Mac/Lin) way?


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