Gnome, have you lost your FREAKING MIND!


Now you've really done it, you've got me mad!

Lets start...
1. It took ~7 YEARS to get multiple line truncation in pango, glib
then gnome! Even then it barely made it in
2. Some person had the not so bright idea of disabling icons for the
system menu and not for the rest causing odd menus
3. Browser mode was forcefully disabled despite spatial mode was and
still is the favorite one
4. Now the most used icons have text beside them and the others.. have
only icons
5. Now the only decent way to get "icons only" is also removed by some
interface idiot leaving only gconf to change it

Those are my most annoyed issues UI issues which i notice all the time
when using Gnome
Add to that:
6. thumbnails and icons are not of the same size causing ugly folders
and desktop looks
7. there is still no decent desktop grid to align things (last gnome i
used: 2.28)

So those 7 points are all MAJOR issues for me all visible every time i
use freaking gnome.
as for #3. I've even caused 2 flame wars about that.. both resulting
in the majority in favor of browser mode.. oh well.. your meritocracy
is keeping that brainless decision alive here.

So, by actually "implementing" #5 you gave me the final push from
tolerating gnome to hating gnome. I completely dislike the mindset of
you guys, never understood it and this yet again proves the completely
brain dead decisions that you guys make. There is no normal reasoning
behind it. just the reason that the "interface" tab was a "design
mistake" (or something along those lines) isn't gonna cut it.

It is just STUPID to remove it. And if you want no icons or buttons or
eye friendly interface then go back to a design like this: since that seems to be suiting
your idiotic ideas.

Right now i'm learning to program and do find my way in Qt. Up until
now i wasn't against glib or gtk but now since Gnome screwed up i know
for sure that i'm NOT gonna make a gnome specific application anymore.
I stick with the winners (Qt + KDE) not the losers.

A few years ago i was a big gnome, fedora and ubuntu fan. Fedora was
the first one to drop of that list. ubuntu followed... I dropped those
because they where not as fast as my current distribution and not as
up to date. Now Gnome (the default on those two dists) has screwed up
BIG time and by now i even would go as far as not using any gnome
based distribution anymore or suggestion that to anyone. KDE on the
other hand :)

Now for forking Gnome. That thought had seriously crossed my mind
multiple times even before this major brain flaw. By now i think a
little different... gnome is to far lost to be saved by a fork.. Gnome
is.. beyond saving.

Even if gnome would reverse this change then i still would think the
same since gnome just tends to think like this (or rather not thinking
at all).. A few years ago when linus torvalds called you "interface
nazis" i thought he was a bit hard.. right now i don't think so
anymore and i can perfectly understand him.

Good luck with this dead project

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