Re: gnome-panel & gnome-applets?

Le 25 déc. 2010 00:16, "Johannes Schmid" <jhs jsschmid de> a écrit :
> Hi Dave!
> > Do you have any figures on what percentage of Linux users will have the
> > 3D capabilities necessary? Just wondering.
> Do you have statistics about what hardware people use with Linux? Than
> it is easy to find out. But all newer (< 5 years) Intel, AMD/ATI and
> NVidia chips work so that should make a big percentage on the market.

This is incorrect : for nvidia, gnome-shell is not usable with proprietary driver and nouveau 3d support is still experimental (not supported by nouveau developers) and prone to gpu lockup (it is unusable on a daily basis, trust me).

I can't comment on recent ati, I know r200 is unusable.

> >   * Samsung NC20 (Integrated on board Via graphics chip - no 3D - got
> > this to run Moblin, didn't work, currently running Ubuntu 9.10)
> I don't think VIA has decent 3d drivers but I might be wrong.

They still don't.

> >   * Dell Latitude D420 (Intel graphics, should work, but 3D stuff runs
> > really slowly, currently running Ubuntu 9.10)
> Intel graphics works fast enough for the shell.

I don't remember the minimum hardware requirement for intel chipset.

Frédéric Crozat

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