Re: cheese module split-up

2010-08-03 23:15 keltezéssel, Kenneth Nielsen írta:
Here you go:

Translators: try msgmerge your existing cheese translation into the new pot
file of this module, about half of the strings can be copied over.

Gabor Kelemen
It would be really nice, if someone *cough cough* would whip up a
little scripting magic and do this for all the languages. Since the
original project is already under the GNOME umbrella there should be
no risk of losing quality.

Houston, we have 59 new po files in the project!

Also, for future reference, the non-obvious part sounds like:

$ for i in `ls -1 *po | cut -d . -f1`; do echo $i; intltool-update $i; msgattrib --no-obsolete $i.po -o $i.po; done

Gabor Kelemen

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