Re: Questions about libbonobo and libgnome

Am Mittwoch, den 04.08.2010, 13:38 +0200 schrieb Piñeiro:
> 1.) Related to libbonobo, and all this CORBA stuff
> Just to confirm that as GNOME 3.0 was released, libbonobo and all this
> stuff will still be there with the gnome 2.32 release, so a11y team
> (and any other one) can keep working on removing it. Right?

Still shipped in 2.32. Also see "Upcoming Deprecations" at 

> 2.) libgnome
> libgnome is also planned to be removed (deprecated) with GNOME 3.0.
> But several accessibility related gconf vars are defined on libgnome
> schemas files. The poster boy is this one:
> /schemas/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility
> it is, the one that sets if accessibility is enabled.
> So the question is where this gconf keys (in the future gsettings)
> will be defined when libgnome disappears. Taking into account that the
> accessibility preferences gui is beind redefined [1], and that this UI
> is mostly a GUI to modify this gconf vars, probably a good idea would
> move the schemas to the module including this preferences GUI.

gsettings-desktop-schemas module might be an option.
Also see .

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