help needed for a prototype

Hi all

Currently I'm thinking of a possibility to use the desktop as a
reflection of my thoughts and work instead of a simple background image
with bookmarks on it. Therefore I would like to display these items in a
semantic network directly on my desktop. It would also function as
dashboard and central control panel, where I can start applications and
open files, always in the context of a project and not in a global menu
or file hierarchy. The  backend software I would use for this is called
DeepaMehta (, but that's only my personal
preference as a knowledge worker. More generally spoken, I think it
would be a good idea if there was a possibility to replace the
background image with the application mostly used (be it eclipse, a mail
client, rhythmbox or you say what).

Since I'm no GNOME developer I'm looking for help. I don't know if there
already exists an API for this. But in any case I think it would be best
to build a prototype first to see if it works and what unexpected
problems arise.

Furthermore, comments on this idea are welcome. I really would love to
see my vision come true.


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