Re: Boston dates?

I should update the page.  Thanks for pointing it out.  I blogged about it a month ago -  We have confirmed rooms at MIT for November 6th-8th which piggybacks the Linux Plumbers conference.  Since then there has been some back and forth about the costs they later quoted us and the person helping us out assured us that she can get us space at little or no cost for those dates (we usually get it gratis).   I haven't heard back from her so I haven't made the official announcement.  I'll be back in the US on the 3rd and will hopefully be able to nail things down soon after.

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> Hey,
> What are the dates of Boston this year? I assume the usual Canadian
> Thanksgiving / American Columbus Day "second weekend of October"
> weekend
> which would be 8/9/10 Oct — but the BostonSummit page on the wiki
> doesn't say anything about 2010.
> AfC
> Sydney
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