GSettings and you, II

I have just released GLib 2.25.2 and GConf 2.31.2. These release
contain the accumulated bug-fixes that came out of the early adoption
after my .1 releases earlier this week. Overall, things should be
pretty solid now, so if you hesitated to jump last time, now is an
even better time.

Some noteworthy changes:

- There is now an AM_GSETTINGS autoconf macro similar to AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2

- The .pc variables for schema compilation have changed (but you
should really use
  the AM_GSETTINGS macro anyay)

- We install a 'gsettings' utility that gives you commandline access
to your settings,
  similar to gconftool-2

- Robustness and correctness fixes in gsettings-schema-convert and

- gsettings-data-convert expects its keyfiles in /usr/share/GConf/gsettings now


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