Re: Module Proposal: Zeitgeist


> Resource usage:
> Bug tracker:
> VCS:
> Releases:

According to
"Use of GNOME resources: Modules must use GNOME FTP for releases.
Modules ought to use GNOME Bugzilla and GNOME Git (there had better be a
very good reason for not doing so, such as hosted
libraries designed to be used by both GNOME and KDE)."

What are your plans? Same probably applies for i18n (damned-lies).

Note: No flamewars one bzr vs. git here, please. This is not about
forcing some DVCS but for keeping things in a central place. KDE is
currently loosing lots of its modules from its own SVN and they get in
trouble with that. Having everything in a central place make many things
much easier, including scripts like the GNOME 3.0 checks to run.

Other than that, I really look forward to have zeitgeist included in


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