new module proposal -- gnome-icon-theme-symbolic

gnome-icon-theme-symbolic is to extend the base icon theme for special
UI contexts. This would include OSD (volume, brightness...), panel
system/notification area and others.

Icons follow the naming specification[1], but have a -symbolic suffix,
so only applications specifically looking up these symbolic icons will
render them. If a -symbolic icon is missing, the app will fall back to
the regular name. Unlike gnome-icon-theme itself the icons do not
follow the Tango style guidelines, but instead come as simplistic flat
stencils [2][3].

Target: Desktop

Dependencies: gnome-icon-theme, icon-naming-utils

Resource usage:
 source control: git://
 bugzilla:, gnome-icon-theme product

 GNOME3 and gnome-shell specifically will need the special status
icons rendered in the simple stencil style.

GNOME-ness, community:
 #gnome-art community works closely to develop the theme, support for
it is being worked on in network manager, totem, gnome-shell and other

Other notes:
 This is not a complete icon theme and doesn't work standalone. It is
an extension to the base gnome-icon-theme and relies on its
index.theme. The icons are to be recolored based on the widget they
are being drawn in (and change color when selected just like the text
in the same widget context. The widget theme bridge is yet to be
figured out.)


Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>

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