Re: Finding and Reminding, tech issues, 3.0 and beyond

Or just folders in the Calendar ? You don't write the contents of
everything on the calendar you put them in the filing cabinet or similar
with the same date attached.

> And certainly we do think of putting files onto the "Desktop" as posting
> them to attend to in the future. I don't think we'd want to always want
> to make users assign a date to that action, but you could imagine
> allowing that optionally, perhaps with the drag-to-calendar gesture.

Drag to calendar would probably to be coupled by re-appearing on the
desktop close to the date ?

> things. There are basically three reasons to delete things:
>  * Organization - be able to find things.
>  * Save disk space. Hard drive manufacturers are largely solving this
>    for us. Certainly there are still movies/ISO images/kernel git trees/
>    etc - things that take significant amounts of disk space. But most 
>    files just aren't big enough to worry about.
>  * Privacy. Some things you don't want hanging around. This use case
>    is as much there as always. 

Four (maybe 5)

* Legal

* Backups

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