Re: Finding and Reminding, tech issues, 3.0 and beyond

Le samedi 10 avril 2010 à 09:10 +0200, Johannes Schmid a écrit :
> Hi!
> >   There are two basic approaches here - one is to avoid storing
> >   things on the Desktop. Instead of seeing the Desktop as a separate
> >   location in the file selector, you'd have a checkbox:
> >   
> >    [ ] Pin to Desktop
> >    
> >   (or whatever the designers come up with), and that would create
> >   a symlink to the desktop.
> >   
> >   The other approach is when expiring or archiving to move files
> >   from ~/Desktop to an archival location like ~/Documents.
> The pinning should be done automatically and the files should stay in
> the place I saved them (e.g. a firefox download should end up in
> ~/Downloads and OO.o should default to ~/Documents. The recent files
> should be stored by pinning on the "Desktop".
Agreed. You don't even need to create a real ~/Desktop folder with
symlinks in it. Let's just fill the desktop with a Tracker query just
like virtual search folders are handled now. That way, you can customize
what is shown on the desktop. By default, it could show files that were
used in the last 15 days *and* are in a given directory.

Then, files are left where they were originally saved. There's no
automated archiving, it's just that files you save in the dumping
directory are not always shown on your desktop, which makes it smarter
and cleaner. Actually, the desktop directory becomes kind of an archive
for random files you've not moved to a precise place (with tons of mess
in it, like ~/Downloads ATM ;-) - but you don't matter since it's mostly

If required, a special tag (e.g. "desktop") can force pinning files on
the desktop.


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