Re: GSoC Proposal: Scripting Framework for Applications


> You still need to add support by hand - otherwise there would be no
> 'javascript only' gnome-shell.

Well, the shell is javascript-only because it is itself written in
javascript. You cannot bind anything to Javascript, you can just bind it
to C. gnome-shell is a mutter plugin, mutter is written in C.

> I'm not quite sure how much code/time is spent on this but you still
> need to hook the single languages into the stack.
> Last time I checked C/python/vala was used. gnome-games seems to use a
> bit guile. If user knows lua/ruby/fortran/shell/javascript - he's out of
> luck.

There may be some code necessary to actually load a plugin but it can
also be done in a way that the plugin itself contains some C code
(probably just some macros) to behave like a C plugin from the outside
and loading its language itself.

This part is probably interesting if someone wants to mentor it but it's
not really that much work. And keep in mind that plugins usually have
metadata files (anjuta uses GKeyFiles) to query information before
loading the plugin. Maybe you could write some library that handles the
metadata and the loading but it would need to be adapted and added to
the gnome code components to be useful.

Anyway, if someone would want to mentor it - why not. But it's definitly
no scripting framework, it's a plugin library (and there are already a
few out there).


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