Re: Module proposal: Mutter

Pat Suwalski wrote:
> On 30/03/10 07:17 PM, Owen Taylor wrote:
>>   Mutter packages exist for most major Linux distributions as part of
>>   packaging GNOME Shell. Mutter is also key component of the Moblin 2.0
>>   and 2.1 releases.
> With the uncertain future of Moblin, is this appropriate?
> Will Meego continue with Mutter? What is the relation of Meego going
> forward and GTK; is Meego going to turn into a large multi-toolkit
> monster?
This might be valid concerns for MeeGo, but imho not for GNOME. Please
also be aware that qt will be the reference UI for mobile device
category. Don't extrapolate :)

> Not that my opinion matters, but I think these are all good questions.
> --Pat
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