Re: MouseTrap Proposal

El 1 de abril de 2010 00:09, Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org> escribió:
2010/3/31 Flaper87 <flaper87 gmail com>:
> Hi,
> The only package (used by MouseTrap) depending on Orbit2 is libbonobo and it
> is used by at-spi. This wont be a problem (for MouseTrap) on the GNOME3
> release/integration.
> PyOrbit shouldn't be in the MouseTrap's dependencies list. I removed it.
> Just wanted to clarify this point...
> Thanks

Great to know ;),

at-spi will be removed for GNOME3, and substituted by pyatspi2 [1]


That's correct, and that's why MouseTrap will work perfectly on GNOME3 because it already works with at-spi2 and pyatspi2 =P


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