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Am Dienstag, den 29.09.2009, 12:44 +0200 schrieb pwieser trychlos org:
> As the new module proposal for 2.30 period is opened since more than one month,
> is it any page in l.g.o where current candidates are listed ?

This will be done on the once
the slacking release-team has created it...

My current proposal list is:
      * gmime (ext dep)  2009-07-24
      * nautilus-sendto  2009-08-10
      * clutter-core     2009-08-10
      * gnome-packagekit 2009-08-13
      * nautilus-actions 2009-08-13
      * tracker          2009-08-18
      * globalmenu       2009-09-03
plus probably gnome-shell and gnome activity journal/zeitgeist.
Hope I didn't forget something.

> As I have proposed nautilus-actions, I'd be curious to know if anything should 
> be changed in the way I manage the project, with enough time to do so, before
> the decision be taken...

Basically all should be covered by .
For example adopting the GNOME release schedule at is highly welcome.

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