Re: Danger: older bugs are getting squashed with NEEDINFO

Il giorno ven, 18/09/2009 alle 13.44 +0200, Andre Klapper ha scritto:
> Am Donnerstag, den 17.09.2009, 15:26 -0400 schrieb Tristan Van Berkom:
> > So the bottom line is basically this: if you feel this should
> > be the minimum standard of attention that a maintainer must
> > absolutely pay to his buglist, then so be it, but I think you are
> > being unfair to ask this of me.
> Yes, I expect maintainers should be able to take a look at the incoming
> bug reports at least once in 12 months.
> That is all what this policy is about.
> Nothing else.

Apparently the bugsquad should find some glade bugs maintainer; I can
witness Tristan has already more than enough work in the development (of
a key application which lacks manpower - I admit that with respect to
the second point, it may not be very peculiar, but apparently all other
developers have time to take care of bugs - oddly enough, I thought this
was the business of the bugsquad).

Then, once someone offers to be the glade bugs maintainer, I think we
could ask that he checks every bug once a year.

In the meanwhile, the policy obviously doesn't apply.


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