Re: Zeitgeist status update


2009/11/5 Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se>:
> These seems like the interesting part (as it's actual user experience, not
> just data-blah), the rest is pretty much over my head. :)

Well, what's currently available in the form of GUIs is only the tip
of the iceberg of what the engine will make possible :).

> What happened to the zeitgeist/gnome-shell integration [1]?

I've got a working branch with some features (fetching recent docs
from Zeitgeist instead of GtkRecentlyUsed -Zeitgeist has way more
data-, showing relevant documents when an application was selected,
tagging, etc.; there are a couple videos on YouTube if you're curious)
but it doesn't apply against the current code-base anymore.

Some weeks ago I proposed a first reworked patch for the basic
integration (replacing GtkRecentlyUsed) and I planned to continue
submitting patches for the remaining features once that was accepted,
but it's still waiting to be reviewed. Anyway, given that we are
currently discussing some big changes for the next Zeitgeist release,
I think I'll wait until said new Zeitgeist version is out before doing
any more work on Shell.


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer       363DEAE3

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