Re: gtk-doc and gobject introspection

Le mardi 03 novembre 2009 à 16:57 +0000, Iain Nicol a écrit :

Philippe Rouquier wrote:
> I tried to add gobject introspection to Brasero. I used the specs from
> here The problem
> now is that gtk-doc creates a crippled documentation in which the
> GObject Introspection annotations are mixed up with the documentation.

First, there is a gtk-doc list ;).

Sorry, I was too lazy to find that out. I apologize for the noise.
Second, I had to ask this recently[1].  Make sure you are running gtk-doc 
1.12 (git).  Then you must add:

Stefan Kost said:
> <xi:include href="" /></xi:include>
> to your master document? See [gtk-doc's]
> tests/annotations/docs/tester-docs.xml near to the end.


Thanks a lot. I'll try that.



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