Re: GNOME 3.0 - shell and applets

Toms a écrit :

1) System tray - applets that could end up in system tray, most
probably contextually - like, when they are needed or make sense. Or,
sometimes per user request in preferences (something like a "show in
system tray" checkbox for those marginal "nobody knows" cases). As
pointed out[2], KDE has some specs worth considering on the case.

Please, don't try to abuse the system tray for things that should be applets. System tray has been made to notify events. One should be able to use GNOME without requiring a notification applet. A recent example of things gone wrong is the volume controler : it should be an applet an not a system tray item, as it presents a permanent state and not an event nor a response to an event.

From "The utility of the notification area decreases rapidly when more than about four icons are always present. For this reason, icons that appear only temporarily in response to events are preferable."

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